Clara Ceccherini

CEO - Fondatrice

She has created communication projects, marketing and events for national and international clients (P&G, Guzzi, Max Mara, Bmw, Bradipo Travel…) and well known foundations (Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Fondazione Mondadori, Amsa…), coupling business with teaching at universities and private institutions. At Baboon, she has set communication in movement, the perfect mix of experience and professional networks.

She loves: drinking wine, the wind, looking at photos, Paris, being told stories, picking sage, cooking, the scent of theatres, shared projects.


Laura Calevo

CEO - Partner

Raised in Liguria, she found her true home in Milan. Journalist, publicist, she has worked as culture, arts and leisure magazine web editor. Since 2004, she has been involved in corporate and product press office for national and international companies in the sports, fashion, technology, restaurant, tourism, furnishing and design sectors.

She loves: small suitcases and big bags, airport departure boards, sharing with friends, crying at the cinema, contemporary art, devouring books, walking.


Federica Stucchi

Coordinamento Progetti

Green and wedding are at her roots, where she was responsible for communication and event organization. Baboon allows her to be both concrete and creative and she’s also discovered a passion for graphics too.

She loves: packing up and taking off, fixing deadlines and making To Do lists, drinking Italian bubbles, bales of hay, Greek tragedy and fine sand.


Gianna Avenia

Pr & Communication Specialist

Born and raised in Milan, now living out of town, she has been a journalist and blogger since 1994 and has collaborated with all the main IT sector titles. She started working in communication in 2000. Her many years of experience in this field include strategy implementation corporate communication planning, Consumer and B2B, corporate and product press office, product placement, celebrity endorsement and event organization. She has worked for the biggest IT, clothing, fashion, sport, outdoor, shoe, automotive, logistics, large scale distribution and health and beauty firms.

She loves: writing, listening to Radio Deejay, 80s music, England, the sea, the Cote D’Azur, the Caribbean, chilling in spas, exotic fruit, pizza, technology, videogames and a good sense of humor.


Maria Giovanna Pardini

Special projects account

Born in Parma, she came to Milan to study and, after a time abroad with a cosmetics firm, she decided to come back to the Italian metropolis, where she started working with Baboon on start-up development.

She loves: trips out of town, waiting at airports, spices, waking up with snow, cinnamon desserts.


Elena Aquila

Graphic Designer

Born and bred in Varese, she graduated in Graphic Design at the Naba in Milan. After experience in the packaging sector, she began her collaboration with Baboon and its many faceted working day.

She loves: the smell of freshly baked cakes, picnics on a sunny day, emerald green and details.


+39 02 89093874
Via Palermo 5 – 20121 Milano