Baboon Communication supports companies in event organization in Milan and across Italy.
The set up and carrying out of an event represents a fundamental element of any integrated communication strategy and, when correctly managed, is a great tool for generating involvement, recognition and value.
The world of events is in continuous evolution and Baboon Communication is well aware of their potential, this is why we offer consultation in the creation and organization of cutting edge events that optimize the relational and experience creating potential of every company.
Baboon organizes events in Milan with creative solutions that get a conversation going, paying special attention to the latest digital and social trends.
Baboon takes event organization as a series of steps to create the perfect experience, starting from the study of the company’s communication objectives, developing a concept in line with the brand in question, creatively interpreting its message, maximizing budget and resources and establishing partnerships that optimize visibility.
At the heart of everything we do is the visual aspect, use of space and graphic appeal must be perfect, just right communication that doesn’t forget the logistics.
Baboon Communication organizes a huge range of events in Milan and throughout Italy, especially corporate meetings, product launches, conventions, commercial and promotional events like trade fairs, openings, promotional tours, PR events, press events and tourism promotion.
. Concept creation
. Budgeting
. Production 
. Supplier management and co-ordination
. Logistic and organizational support
. Administration secretary
. Change of goods partnerships
. Follow up management
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